The Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Glasgow is responsible for the following 3 organisations within the Province and the degrees worked within them

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Chapter Degree


first Mark Excellent Masters Royal Arch Chair Degrees

Mark Master Mason DegreemarkThe administration of this degree varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, though in all jurisdictions, the candidate for advancement is required to be a Master Mason to be eligible for this degree. In Scotland, the mark Degree belongs to the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland, But by an agreement between Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland and The Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1860 It is conferred in a Craft lodge and is seen as completion of the Fellowcraft degree but can only be conferred on Master Masons . The degree is the first in the series of Royal Arch Degrees and candidates must first affiliate the Mark lodge held within a Royal Arch Chapter before he can receive the other degrees. The candidate is Advanced into a Mark Lodge. English Royal Arch Companions must have the mark Degree to be allowed into a chapter while it is working the mark Degree
The Candidate is Advanced to the Mark Degree

The Chairperson is called the “Right Worshipful Mark Master”

Excellent Masters Degree

The candidate is representative of 1 of the Hebrew captives taken to Babylon wishing to return to Jerusalem to assist Zerubbabel in the rebuilding of the second Temple to the Lord to obtain this degree the candidate goes through a ceremony of passing the veils which gives him the signs and secrets required in the Holy Royal Arch. This degree is required in Scotland before you can become a Royal Arch Mason. The Excellent Master degree does not exist in England, and members of the English Grand Chapter are not permitted to attend these workings
The candidate is “Received” as a Excellent Master

The Chairperson is Called the “Right Worshipful and Excellent Master”

Holy Royal Arch Degree

RAM_th111In Scotland this is main degree carried out under the jurisdiction Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland . The Candidate is required to first have the mark and Excellent masters Degrees before he can be admitted into a Royal Arch chapter, The Royal Arch Degree is the chronological culmination of Ancient Craft Masonry’s Legend of Hiram Abiff. This degree depicts several significant scenes from Israelite history: The Babylonian invasion, the destruction of the Temple of Solomon, the Captivity of the Jews in Babylon, and their eventual return to Jerusalem to rebuild the Temple. In this degree the Ancient Masters Word is finally restored by virtue of wise provisions which were made by our Three Ancient Grand Masters.

The Candidate is exulted into the Royal Arch Chapter

The Chairperson is Called “Most Excellent Zerubbabel or Most Excellent First Principal “

The following chair Degrees are Conferred within the Chapter

Installed 3rd Principal (Joshua the high priest)
Installed 2nd Principal (Haggai the Prophet)
Installed 1st Principal (Prince of Jerusalem )
Installed Right Worshipful Mark Master Mason:- Conferred upon the first Principal of the chapter

In Scotland it is Lawful For a Reigning or past Installed Right Worshipful Mark master to wear his jewel and sit in the east in a lodge when working the Mark Master Degree.



Cryptic Degrees


Royal Master Select Masters Degree Royal Master Chair Degree

Royal Master
Royal Master Degree
In the Royal Master degree, the candidate steps into the role of a certain Fellowcraft named Adoniram who presents a piece of work—one of the Holy vessels of the Temple—for the inspection of Hiram Abiff. It is accepted, and after the Craft is called from labor to refreshment, Adoniram decides to linger behind and inquire of Grand Master Hiram Abiff to know when the secrets of a Master Mason will be given.

The Candidate is honoured as a Royal Master

Select Masters Degree
In the Select Master degree the Candidate represents Zabud, a particular friend of King Solomon who is permitted to enter the Council Chamber within the Ninth Arch located beneath the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple and is there privileged to observe Solomon, King of Israel, Hiram, King of Tyre, and Hiram Abiff as they furnish this newly completed chamber with the items which would be discovered 470 years later during the events depicted by the Royal Arch Degree.

The candidate is Chosen in the Select Masters Degree

Super Excellent Master

This honorary degree is conferred upon members based on their continued labors as active members of a Council of Royal and Select Masters. The story of this degree takes place after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and although it is conferred by authority of the Council of Cryptic Masons, the story of this degree does not involve the Crypt beneath the Temple.

The Candidate is Greeted in the Super Excellent Masters Degree

There is only 1 chair degree in the cryptic council, the Chair degree for the Cryptic council is called
Thrice Illustrious Master



Lodge & Council Degrees



Mariners Degree Red Cross Degrees Or Babylonish Pass Chair Degrees

Royal_Ark_MarinerThe Mariners DegreeThe prerequisite to be made a Royal Ark Mason is to be a Royal Arch Companion. The story of this degree contains events before, during and after the Biblical Flood. The apron and emblems of this degree are easily recognizable by the ark and rainbow motif. A brother is said to be “Elevated” to the Degree of Royal Ark Mariner.

The chairperson is called ” Worshipful Commander Noah”

knightswordRed Cross Degrees Or Babylonish Pass

The Babylonish pass consists of 3 separate degrees Knights of the Sword“. “Knights of the East” and “Knights of the East & West These degrees are intimately associated with the Royal Arch, and cannot be conferred upon any one who has not been exalted to that Degree. They are founded upon incidents which occurred during the reign of Cyrus and Darius Kings of Persia and Babylon, and illustrate the difficulties and interruptions experienced by the Jews in Rebuilding the Temple at Jerusalem. They also rehearse several interesting events which took place during the Sojourn of Zerubbabel at the Persian Court. These Degrees can be conferred upon any Royal Arch Mason belonging to a recognised Constitution

The chairperson is called ” Most Excellent Chief”

There is 2 chair Degrees associated with the Lodge and Council

Worshipful Commander Noah (Mariners Chair Degree)
Most excellent Chief ( Babylonish Pass Chair Degree)

The person installed is called Worshipful Commander Noah & Most Excellent Chief